To some people it may seem like obsessing to worry so much about what your menu choice will be while on a first date, but in fact, the results of that choice may be the deciding factor in whether or not a second date will happen. Some foods are an obvious no-no in the world of first dates, like anything containing onions without a quick shot of Listerine right next to your drink, but others are not so in-your-face and that’s why this list was created


Cheap Date

You would think that it would be an obvious red flag not to pick fast food for the first outing, especially when you give a shit about your date, but for the 10% out there who would still consider it, please read and be saved. To avoid looking cheap, and insulting your date, steer away from places with a drive-thru (unless your going to a drive-in movie). There are a number of sit-down places that look nice and will not break your pocket. You can easily find places on Urban Spoon and Yelp in the “$” range. If you are truly a t-shirt and burgers or a ruben, kind-of-guy, then head to a cafe or deli. You earn cool points if it is a cozy, local joint. Dude I don’t care how broke you are, DO NOT GO TO A FAST FOOD CHAIN.


Slurp. Marinera. Meatball. Slurp.

Going out for dinner and a movie? Then the dinner portion is crucial since thats where the majority of your conversation will be (unless your one of those people who add their own narration during the movie). You should be very aware of your dining choices. Spaghetti  and other types of noodles are ill-advised, because they are messy and interrupt the flow of conversation too much. Slurp.Slurp.Slurp Stick to things that you can get on your fork, in your mouth, and down into your stomach, without much effort or concentration. If you spend more time trying not to make a mess than actually talking, there might not be a second one.



If your not doing dinner and a movie; just settling for a movie, then there are some things to avoid there too. Popcorn is the standard choice for movies and remains the safe choice as well. If your theater offers nachos with cheese and optional jalenpeno peppers, please stay away. You don’t want your whole cinematic experience to consist of you coming dangerously close to spilling hot cheese on yourself. Also, her nose will not thank you for the nacho breath you bring when you go in for that mid-movie whisper about whats going on in the film.


 So You Fancy, huh?

Picking the right food to eat isn’t always about how easy it is to eat or how it’ll affect your breath. Sometimes your choice just sends the wrong message. For the ladies, if a guy takes you out and he’s going to pay, then picking the most expensive thing on the menu might not be the best first impression you want to give. If he takes you to a nice seafood place, then ordering the super deluxe King Crab probably doesn’t paint the best picture of you. Although, if you ate all or most of it, then personally I’d be fine with it. And guys, if you go to a place where the majority of the food is supposed to be eaten with a knife and fork, don’t order the only thing on the menu that you eat with your hands. You don’t want her going back home with the image of you with your meal in your hands looking as if you just hunted and killed it.


Death by the Peanut

After dinner, it’s quite common to get dessert, personally I like to get ice cream or frozen yogurt and I know what you are thinking, “how can anyone screw up dessert?” The answer is, a lowly peanut–and everything that contains them. It’s a common allergy and their might be a chance that your date might be one of those allergic people. Getting anything with peanuts in the ingredients might diminish your chances of that romantic comedy end-of-the-date kiss you were hoping for and you might kill your date, which would be bad. Very naughty.