If you are an artist, a writer or a designer who has ever worked as a contractor and wished you had more time to create experimental “work” thats suits your artistic style, say “I”. We are definitely saying “I”, we have been there. So when we came across Daydreams & Nightschemes by John Newman, we felt a lot of admiration and we thought we’d share.

 Daydreams & Nightschemes is a self-initiated journey of 52 weeks focused on the creation of 52 new projects by Jon Newman.

Jon Newman is a New York based, senior freelance designer with MTV’s Off-Air Creative Department, where he’s worked for the past three years. Daydreams & Nightschemes is an inspiration to all artists falling victim to the demands of the world. Let’s face it, mastering our craft is all good and all, but we gotta eat something and keep the light on, so we take on these jobs (especially starting out). Newman definitely understands what it’s like to wear these shoes, he shares a few words about starting out, challenging himself, and improving:

 “I realized very quickly that nothing I was producing after I got out of school was really mine. So this year-long project was started not only as an act of passion/love for design but also a challenge that would allow me to create work that was 100% mine. With the help of a time constrain of one week, it freed me from over-thinking the projects too much and would sharpen my sense of art direction/design/illustration. Lastly, I want the work to have a high-end fashion feel to it, since that is the industry I’m most interested in pursuing.”

Word to the wise:  Here is a tip to all artists who might feel creatively frustrated due to the limitations of the job with the paycheck, have a side project. Having a side project that you are excited to work on, will help you cope with that jaded feeling. Think of it this way, it’s your work, your time, your experiments, your gain. No Limitations. It can be as playful as you want it to be.

For more inspiration: discover more of Newman’s favorite projects, as well as our’s at

Newman releases a new project every Monday (EST) for one full year, hence “52” projects. For sneak peeks of his sketches, Follow him on twitter at @DD_and_NS and Like DDNS on  Facebook.


“Project #1 was shot in Hong Kong and Japan. I wanted to give it a dream like sensibility so I tweaked the colors of each photo differently.”

“Project #2 was inspired by type I saw while I was ascending the Duomo of the Vatican in Rome, Italy.” 

“Project #5 was solely inspired from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s latest collaboration, “Watch the Throne.” The idea was two halves coming together to create one thing, the album.” 

“Project #7 was an identity re-design I always wanted to do for my friend’s restaurant called “Oishi,” my hope is that seeing this project will inspire him to re-evaluate his brand and possibly let me implement the design.” 

Project #9 Guess who this one was inspired by?

Project #8 Falling Runway models and quotes from fashion designers. We Say Its Perfect.


Daydreams & Nightschemes