In the limelight because of the 2012 Olympics; London has been trending on every social media outlet. And yet again, Union Jack offered another first this year – British Men’s Fashion Week (or weekend).

From June 15-17, it featured designers and fashion houses contributing on this 3-day spotlight for the love of Men’s Fashion..

Let’s see what we are looking forward to spring summer 2013

Gray Overtones

Gray is never dull.  Seeing a lot of gray in the shows tells us that this ‘dull’ shade will never go out of trend. Every modern man has to have a gray suit in his closet if ever he tends to get tired of his usual blacks.

Color Theory

Men should not be scared to wear colors and this coming spring… Yes, we’re talking about the bright ones. 


Make a statement by wearing fun and quirky graphic prints.


The neutral and the simple. Going minimal never fails on all seasons. It is fresh and easy to wear but never forget your personal style.

Newsboy to Newsworthy

Bring the 18th century to our modern streets with tweed jackets, newsboy hats and boxy silhouettes.

 I have to say that the shows were efficient enough to provide our modern men options this coming 2013. My personal favorites would be the Hackets’ newsboy trend since it has a vintage feel to it and the very minimal clothes of Miller and Nicoli but the shocking colors on the runway were definitely the stand outs! I liked how crisp and chic Saunders’ collection sends out a bold statement of wearing colors. Most collections are wearable and very high street; and well of course it fits everyone of all color. The London Olympics of men’s fashion has ended or perhaps has started.