By Noelle Bailey


For the past few years entering the rap game was like strolling up to the play-ground as the new kid on the block.  Only this play-ground was boys-only, with the exception of that one weird girl who managed to make her way onto the jungle gym by acting like one of the boys when she first hit the sand box, talking in Jamaican/Chinese accents and prancing around in Sailor Moon outfits once she reached the jungle gym.  But hey, she made it.

The only female on this year’s XXL Freshmen Top 10 list shouldn’t have to resort to the same antics as her counterparts attempting to maneuver their way through the sandbox.

Iggy Azalea already has the recipe in the makings for a star; especially a rap star. She already has:

  • The Booty. Iggy has enough cake for the Starved staff to happily enjoy all of our birthdays for a year.
  • The Accent. She is originally from Australia.
  • The Face. According to Complex Azalea originally migrated to Los Angeles, where she now lives, to begin a career in modeling.  However, the rapper was “too thick” by model industry standards but just right for the rap industry.
  • The Talent. Iggy proves to her audience that she takes no mess.  On “Murda Bizness” she makes it clear she’s a force to be reckoned with when she raps: “Na-na-na-na-now nobody diggin y’all ho’s/ when Iggy in the spot they be Iggin y’all hoes/ I’m cold/ get in that thang/ kill bitches dead, click clack bang bang/ It’s a Murda Bizness.” With lines like that it’s probably in your best interest to be an Azalean (Iggy’s reference to her fans.)

Her official album, controversially titled The New Classic, has sparked plenty of heat on numerous hip-hop shows, including MTV’s “Hip-Hop POV” .  Despite the critics, The New Classic is anticipated to drop later this summer.  The album is also set to be executively produced by her Grand Hustle label-head T.I., so that can only mean one thing- audiences can except a lot.

Nonetheless, the rap industry has been praying for a genuine raptress for years and their prayers just may have been answered in Azalea, only time will tell.


 MTV’s “Hip-Hop POV” video