Top 20 Fashion Collection Videos 2012

Okay, We Admit… We absolutely crave visual amusement but it’s cool because we don’t mind sharing.

Many fashion lines have taken the creative route and constructed visual teasers/ads to complement new collections. We are intrigued by this influx of creativity and the various stories that these designers have introduced, so below We’ve compiled a list of Starved’s Favorite Fashion Videos for Summer 2012.

Now, forget the recorded fashion shows and the boring videos of random people just standing around with clothes on(H&M- hey it works for them though).

Think of this as a tribute/thanks to those who keep the visuals interesting and contribute to the increase in the dynamics of Fashion.

From the drunk stylish hippies to the chic sophisticates, these videos include elements that create a journey through the mind of the designer.

Let Us Know Your Favorites. WATCH and SHOP.


Side Part. Think French Great Gatsby.


Surface to Air

Booty. Boobs. Sunlight.



Freedom. Party. Love. Roma. Good Times.


Random Fashion Video Shoot By Fabian Weber

Okaaay it’s not a fashion line but… Its Iceland


Lifetime Collective 

Road Trip. The V-Word. Hot Guys. Hot Girls. Scenery.



Mysterious. Dark Beach. Creepy.


Lamb & Flag

Ford. Westcoast. Camp. Sun. Beach. Babes.


Urban the Burden

Forest. Music. Men.






Shiny. Bone Structure. Model.


Ted Baker

London. Art. Clean. Men Take Notes.


April 77

Chatterbox. Intoxicated. Hippies.



Cardboard. Noose. Electric Feel MGMT NOT Frank Ocean.



Colors. The SONG. Effects. The Song just does it. If you don’t know why, find out here.



Sports. Dudes. Play Hard. Chill.


Alexandre Birman

Handcrafted. Delicate. Unique.



Colors. Architecture. Beauty.



Time. Freckles. Rough.


Maria Vazquez

Shrooms. Blondie. Cartoon. High.



Print. Detail. MUSIC.

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