In Areeayl Goodwin’s case, they do.

Feather. Chains. Ruffles. Metal. Long earrings.

Get your mind out of the gutter, we are not talking about S&M here (not now at least), we are buzzing about a new jewelry line with so much love, personality and attitude, it had us doing a triple take and saying, “who is that designer?” Answer: Areeayl Goodwin

Beads Byaree is a jewelry line of handcrafted pieces that will had a bit of “za za zoom” to your wardrobe.

Below, meet Areeayl Goodwin, creator of Beads Byaree and she dishing on her one-of-a-kind designs.

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1. One song to describe Beads Byaree?

M.I.A = Born free

2. Your jewelry line has received worldwide recognition, but where/how did it all begin?

It all started the fall semester of my Junior Year at Howard University, over a year ago. I used to make jewelry in high school in Philadelphia, and one night I had the inspiration to create again.  It was very spontaneous, I had a spur of the moment shoot with friends, and from then on… there was a demand.

3. How do trends influence your designs? If they do at all?

Trends haven’t influenced me, because I’m not a “trendy” person. However seasons do,  as far as what I feel is necessary or will work well with the feeling of winter vs the essence of spring. The colors change for the seasons and the materials. (this fall/winter I had a WIDE variety of feathers, In the summer I had a great use of chains)

4. About how long does it take to make one piece of jewelry?

It depends on the intricate detailing, Id say the average piece would be less than an hour, my simplest ring can be as fast as 2 minutes-

5. What do you eat when you’re working?

LOL… I’ve eaten a lot of grits lately… I eat grits like fufu lol.

6. Tell us what your creative space is like…
I have a large “playing space” where I spread all of my beads, spools of wire and feathers out. I have to see EVERYTHING when I work. This helps me take in all the colors and materials so the ideas o mixing them flow freely through my mind. (Because I don’t sketch). There’s a boom box behind me bumping, M.I.A,  Kanye, Erykah Badu, Marley, Beyonce (in heavy rotation) probably skipping because I like to take a dance break every now and then. Lights are on high and I’m just… creating 🙂
7. Your jewelry represents a unique artistic style, we dig it. How do you balance your imaginative art and the pressure to make the line fashionable?

I feel the fact that it is imaginative, whimsical, makes it automatically a spectical, a statement. Which is to me, what fashion should be. We don’t pay it safe.

8. What is one thing you wish you knew when starting Beads Byaree?
Hmmm… I don’t think there is anything. I think everything happened in the right circumstance and right time.. its taken flight in a year… I am working for it elevation but I couldn’t be more appreciative of what ive got. I went in not knowing anything about business… they say ‘experience is the best teacher’. Its proven tru for me.9. If you were a Beads Byaree earring, who would you want to be wearing you?

Ummm.. M.I.A she’d do them total justice. Her essence is in Freedom, just as the Beads Byaree Line.

10. You’re in the middle of a shootout and its about to get real, with an AK-47, what song would you want to go out to?

Hahaa…. “Illest Motherf***er Alive” – Hov and Kanye

11. Any other links you would like us to share?

Yes, Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @BeadsByaree. And find us on Facebook!


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Also, check out Dawn Richards rocking the Beads Byaree “NKYINKYIM” earrings in her “Bombs Away” video!