We at Starved Magazine aren’t exactly the epitome of the cutesy Valentine, so when it came to suggesting drool worthy Valentine’s day D.I.Y ideas, we got a little (a lot) of help from D.I.Y. goddess and blogger of swellmayde.com, Aimee Santos.

We did a feature on Aimee a while ago about her high-end, retail worthy, DIY creations (see link). For lover’s day, it was only right to consult her for awesome ideas.

She was a great sport and gave us a lot to work with, so we chose a few to share with you.

Like this D.I.Y. Heart Elbow Patch from the D.I.Y site, honestlywtf.com




Who else can picture this sweater with a flowy, short, cute, skirt? What we really love about this cardy is the amount of wearability you can get out of it, even  after Vday.

Plus it’s got that whole “dress up/dress down” complex that makes it, perfect.


Lights Out 

Dim lights and candles always set the mood for a little hmm hmm. Aimee suggests these adorable candles holders from Martha Stewart’s website. These holders left us awing, how cute are they?


Romantic Deco

If you want to amp up the deco in you apartment to be more Valentinesy, Aimee suggests these handmade heart garlands from Pugly Pixel



Remember to click the photos for directions.

Whether you are spending Vday alone, with your partner or your friends, you have Aimee’s recommendations. Now go and have a fabulous Vday guys.

Special thanks to our contributor Aimee Santos.