By now you probably know that Starved is  a “Creator’s Corner.” We love to celebrate creators all over the world and Neil Alvin is no exception.

Alvin has made waves on the interweb in a short period of time with his blog BlackGirlsKillingIt (bgki). This site features black females”killing it” or dressed rather stylish.

Sooo basically its a blog with pictures of well-dressed beautiful girls… You’re welcome dudes.

But before you go and get addicted to his blog, we did have the opportunity interview Alvin(@bgkionline) so read to find out about how he started and find out a little more about the mind behind the great concept.

By the way, it’s always nice to see someone who appreciates women and style.


First of all,We appreciate you providing a platform of great style for a group that is underrepresented by the media. What inspired you to create the amazing “Black Girls Killing It” on

Actually, BGKI happened just by chance. I love black women, they need to be highlighted more everywhere and I was posting daily photos for close to year.  The blog was named “neil alvin” then it dawned on me, who the hell is Neil Alvin?  No-one’s going to google that, so I came up with a shortlist of about  five names and I asked my following at the time, which name where they drawn to and you know the rest of that story.


What sparked your interest in fashion?

It would have to be magazines.  In my teen years I loved to read Cosmo magazine for the hilarious stories on dates gone whack or relationship issues and as it was a magazine I read cover to cover, fashion ads got my attention.


How does Barbados inspire you as far as fashion and/or basic creativity?

Well, the fashion scene down here is really unknown territory for me, last October was the first time I ever went to the local fashion week and it was a great experience.  In terms of creativity though, the island is supremely small so if you want to stand out or put yourself out there you have to come really really good and of course… it’s a relaxing place to be!


Do you run the blog alone or do you have some assistance besides the wonderful ladies that submit their work to your blog?
For the most part it’s all me.  Last year around November I added a “BGKI fashion tip” feature where girls could submit questions and get them answered.  Three girls do all the responding on behalf of BGKI and I cover everything else.


What is one fashion item that you think a woman shouldn’t live without?

A killer shoe, an amazing pair of shoes is a difference maker to an outfit


Now we know you have good taste when it comes to a woman’s outer appearance, but what besides her confidence keeps you interested?

One that knows when, where and how to.  Life is short, if you can show me that you enjoy life it attracts me.


On bgki, you display the unique styles of plenty women. How do you describe your personal style?
I’m shy, not sure what to say here.  Personally, fit is more important to me than anything else, when my clothes fit well I feel like superman.


What are some of the challenges you face in running a blog?

Time is my enemy, I have a demanding day job with regards to the amount of hours that I work so to keep the blog going I have to pay attention to it when I get free time.  This is the cycle, work-blog-work-blog-work-blog. 


Sooo we’re basically saying “you got the juice” as far as blogging goes… What advice do you give to people who would like to run a successful blog?
My blog is successful?  Saying that though I still want to share some tips, love what you do and know why you’re doing it because when the tough times come you will need that goal in mind to keep you motivated.


What can we look forward to in the future with bgki?
Short-term,  BGKI parties, BGKI merchandise/accessories and some quality content.  I intend to cause a few surprises with my interviews this year!


Fun Q&A

Everyone has this, we regret ever wearing skorts…hey, we were ten. One trend you wish you never indulged in? We won’t tell, OK we will, but we wore skorts. This is a judgement free zone.

I went through the sisqo phase, I dyed my hair… damn what was I thinking?!?

You’re in the middle of a shootout and the gun is pointed at you, what song would you want to go out to?

Jay-Z – DOA

Favorite fashion designer?

Rhaj Paul is the baddest designer of male clothing I know

How much do you love us? you don’t have to answer we know its a lot 🙂

As much as Michelle loves Barack 🙂