Allow us to introduce you to the next big brand you’ll all be feigning for, La Vita. La Vita is a quality clothing brand that delivers luxury pieces mixed with a touch of street style.

Since its inception, La Vita has met the approval of many well-known individuals, as select pieces have been donned by a number of celebrities from Dawn Richards to Chris Brown.

And it’s not just the clothing that’s amazing… La Vita is a luxury brand that was founded by college students, Ryan Grant and Nathaniel Alabi (this part is suppose to inspire you). It seems like there is no limit to this brand so keep reading to find out what La Vita has in store and stay for the cool pictures.

Give them greatness in small sums and they will forever be loyal.

-Ryan Grant (Founder of La Vita)

La Vita recently released a Fall/Winter line called “Rome is Burning” which is a collection full of crafted varsity jackets, leather textile work, and signature La Vita pieces that we genuinely love.

The unique yet classic look that La Vita has delivered makes “Rome is Burning” an inspiring staple collection.

Now, let it be known that La Vita doesn’t compromise quality, which is something that can be  appreciated by all remaining connoisseurs.

Connoisseur – noun \ˌkä-nə-ˈsər \ (def.)   one who collects fine detailed pieces; cherishes exclusivity in garments, detail in design, and the history of a brand. The true lovers of design and style.

Basically what we’re trying to say here is, La Vita should be in your closet.

La Vita is always dedicated to providing quality, detailed clothing to Lifers across the world… Here comes another definition–

Lifers – noun \ˈlaɪfəs\ (def.) supporters of La Vita, those that live life in the pursuit of everything they have always dreamed of attaining at all cost.

When we caught up with Ryan Grant, founder of La Vita, we asked him about the characteristics that separate La Vita from other competitors in the market and he answered,

“A high end good mixed with street style in a limited run, is the motto we truly live by. Give them greatness in small sums and they will forever be loyal. Our product is crafted in house and limited so every piece is special to that one consumer, numbered,embroidered, all putting detail over sales we believe is the true way to gain a timeless supporter or Lifer.”

Look out Louis Vuitton! There’s a new LV on the block.

Find the  perfect pieces to upgrade your style on the amazing La Vita Clothing Site. Prepare to be hooked!!

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Now Check out some of Starved’s and La Vita’s favorite pieces from La Vita Clothing below!!