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Take a boy and girl duo from London, include girl’s soulful voice and a boy’s hauntingly great sound, give them a numeric band name from an Outkast song, the results – Underwater space party, ok not really, but the 14th music . 
“My friend once described the sound as ‘underwater space party’ which I quite liked,”
says 14th’s sound guru, Tom. 

14th music is vocalist, Tracey Duodu and sound maker, Tom Barber at their best.

The guardian describes their soon-to-be-a-hit “Hide Yourself'” as “showcasing their love for 90s UK garage and modern-day dance production, with Duodu’s incredible vocals adding genuine soul to the brooding title track and underpinning the pogoing beats of Chimes.”

Time Out London describes them has the new band with the “ungoogleable” name.

Googleable or not, we think you should keep an eye out for 14th, this is if you are not already mesmerized, after you listen to Hide Yourself.

The band was named after an Andre 3000 song that indicates that everyday should be Valentines day.

So we say pretend you are 14 again, close the doors, dim the lights, lie on your bed and allow the sounds of 14th music to take you to a loved up place.

Read their  interview below

14th – Hide Yourself EP by 14th

Do you have to be in love to write a love song, Infuriated to write an angry song and Jumping for joy to write a happy song?

Not necessarily, you do probably need some good memories and a bit of imagination though.

So you both met in Uni, how did the magic happen?

We were at a 90s night – 90s music, 90p drinks, it was a classy affair. I think that set the tone for the rest of our relationship..

Word on the street is that “14th” was inspired by the lyrics of an Andre 3000 song, we are intrigued. Do explain?

We were listening to ‘The Love Below’ album by Outkast, and there’s a lyric in the song Happy Valentine’s Day ‘everyday is the 14th’, which we thought was a really nice idea. The name was born. 

Tracey, Tracey, Tracey Duodu, your voice is a gift from the music gods. With a soulful voice like that, did you always know you would sing?

Errm, wow, thanks. It’s never been described like that. When I was younger, I always thought I would. Getting older I think I tried to get ‘practical’ but somewhere in the back of my mind music was always there, and in most other things I’ve done I’ve often felt like I wasn’t yet doing the right thing for me. When Tom and I started working together it just clicked and I think Tom’s music, my voice, and our songwriting work well together to make something that we’re both really excited about.

Tom, 14th’s sound is haunting, how would you describe it and what are your inspirations?
 My friend once described the sound as ‘underwater space party’ which I quite liked. I find most things quite inspirational and amazing, I’m quite enthusiastic about life in that sense I suppose. But more specifically I think I’m inspired by a lot by images, films and movie soundtracks (as well as all the more obvious musical influences). I can be quite sentimental and find the concept of memory very interesting, how it can be flawed, how we reconstruct the past, and how integral it is to who we think we are. That was the most long winded answer ever, I should have just said ghosts.
How does the diverse character of London influence your music?
It’s quite a dynamic place to be, with such a rich mix of histories, culture and music so that might be reflected in some of the eclecticism of the music that some people have asked us about. It’s not really a conscious thing, but I guess all those different influences seep in without you realising. 
North, South or Central London? Any specific boroughs and why?
SW for Richmond Park. South bank is always a treat, and South Kensington for the museums. 
Musical inspirations. 5 names, 5 songs. Go!
Beach Boys – That’s Not Me 
Cat Stevens – Trouble 
The Knife – Behind the Bushes
The Fugees – Fu-Gee-La
TLC – Creep
Your favorite “14th” track?
Favourite track so far is probably one that’s going to be on the album, but it’s not finished yet. 

Now 5 more questions…
What song would you listen to when you are completely, absolutely, and uncontrollable in love?
Hideaway – Karen O And The Kids is lovely.
Say you’re in the middle of a bad drug deal and the gun is pointed towards you, What song would you want to go out to?
Feeling Good – Nina Simone 
What would be the pinnacle of your career?

The word pinnacle suggests everything after that is downhill, which is a bit of a depressing thought. We just played a session at Maida Vale studios with Rob da Bank and DJ Zinc in the same studio, so that’s definitely been one of the highlights so far.

What did you listen to at 16? Don’t be shy?
I discovered Michael Jackson a lot later than most normal people – I know Tracey has grown up with him, but I was a bit late so that was played a lot when I was 16/17. 
Beatles, Rolling Stones or Who Cares?
I don’t think you should be made to pick one, that’s mean.
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