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December 2011

Starved’s Top Ten Mixtapes of 2011

From January to December Starved has been keeping an eye out (or an ear out) for the best music released throughout 2011. While the majority of America was flocking to the Best Buy’s and Targets of the nation, we at Starved took a different route on our music endeavors.The no-named, un-signed, indy, and alternative artists satisfied our musical taste buds in 2011. Therefore, it would be a crime if we

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Photography’s New Golden Child

So we discovered this 16-year-old young man on the interweb one day and boy is he talented! Mikko Puttonen (@PicturePuttonen) from Petäjävesi, a small village in Finland surrounded by forests and lakes, is no stranger to the camera or the closet. Now his photography is definitely Starved Approved, but he also has a great sense of style and a heart full of ambition to top it off! Love him already??

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Starved’s Film of the Year (2011)

MOOZ-Lum This movie demonstrates to audiences a clear depiction of life as a Muslim in America.  It revolves around the life of Tariq(Evan Ross) while providing a great development of the other characters. This is amazing piece of work also challenges the “American Perspective” as it highlights a different aspect of one of the most traumatizing episodes in United States history, the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. We would love to

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The Life You Need to Have

  Allow us to introduce you to the next big brand you’ll all be feigning for, La Vita. La Vita is a quality clothing brand that delivers luxury pieces mixed with a touch of street style. Since its inception, La Vita has met the approval of many well-known individuals, as select pieces have been donned by a number of celebrities from Dawn Richards to Chris Brown. And it’s not just the clothing

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Home for the Holidays? Red Velvet Cookies Recipe

So you finally got your hands on grandma’s baking cabinet… All you need is a super delish holiday recipe that wouldn’t break the bank or take too much money from what’s left of your refund check. Just make some Red Velvet Cookies!!You can use regular Red Velvet Cake Mix and you can even turn the cookies into sandwiches (ex. Oreos).. And (if you share) everyone will love you!! Don’t you

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Is it Too Cold for a Cookout?

“Lets Call this Kid Amazing!” Or  Bluey Robinson(@BlueyRobinson).. Born in Sweden and raised in London (does talent ever end over there?), this 22 year-old has the captivating voice and the talented skill set to make a huge impact on today’s music. We’re just keeping up his hype and introducing you to an artist worth having on your “happy” playlist… or your “getting dressed” playlist…or your –Well you get the point.

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Call It a Holiday Gift: Dreams v. The Machine Mixtape (Inspire x Starved)

  We here at Starved partnered with INSPIRE Magazine to bring you this FREE, yes we said FREE, mixtape with new up-and-coming artists to freshen up your playlist. INSPIRE Magazine is a superior art publication consisting of poetry, short stories, celebrity interviews and all things creative. Make sure you check them out and download their newest issue. As a result of our collaboration we bring you “Dreams v. The Machine”. It’s full

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The 14th’s Music’s Underwater Space Party

  Take a boy and girl duo from London, include girl’s soulful voice and a boy’s hauntingly great sound, give them a numeric band name from an Outkast song, the results – Underwater space party, ok not really, but the 14th music .  “My friend once described the sound as ‘underwater space party’ which I quite liked,” says 14th’s sound guru, Tom.  14th music is vocalist, Tracey Duodu and sound

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