First off, Can we please put our hands together for the people who still play real instruments well?
Next, Can we toast to the individuals who can sing and/or rap while playing these instruments?
Now that the formalities are out of the way, we can introduce you to 21-year-old Ariel P from San Diego, California. Whoever is responsible for breeding in California is doing a damn good job, Talent is just oozing from that place. This kid’s talent spans from playing the ukelele to many different songs as well as rapping and singing over the music from his ukelele. We asked him a couple questions about how he works his magic and it turns out that he’s quite a character(something we love at Starved). Check out his videos
What inspires you to make a cover?
I like to share the music that I like, with others, so that’s a big inspiration. Two other things: 1. If I can figure out how to play it & 2. If it even sounds tight on the uke.

How did you learn to play the ukelele?
My dad brought home a uke from a deployment to Hawaii & showed me how to play “My Little Grass Shack”. I wasn’t that into it at first, actually. I was trying to learn how to play the guitar, but that was tough. So I put the guitar down and picked up the uke. I started off bringing it to school since it was so tiny. I would mess around with it between classes and try to make beats & freestyle with my friends. Just dumb stuff about people walking past us. Good times.

Do you read music? If not, how did you learn to play by ear?
 I can’t read any string music stuff, but I can read basic piano sheet music. I’m not sure if that helps me or not. But when I learn something by ear, it’s pretty much exactly how you’d imagine it to be. I listen to a song, then I move my fingers in all types of positions until I find the right sound. Then I just build upon it. Once you learn a few songs like that, it gets easier because you start to memorize finger positions. And a lot of songs have similar sounds, just different patterns & ways of playing them. I get a lot of heat for not making tutorials or showing people how to play stuff I cover, so here’s my response: I’m sorry and I’m really lazy when it comes to that. But I’d be more than happy to teach anybody that asked me in person.
Music is your…
Music is my friend. I listen to music all the time. Even when I’m just listening to music by myself, I never feel like I’m by myself.
Name one thing you want to do before you die.
Before I die, I want to see Earth from Outer Space. It’s crazy to think that Earth is just a tiny part of the Universe.

Are you looking to get into the music industry? If so, what would you like to do?
At this point, I’m not looking to get into the music industry. If I was ever apart of it, I’d wanna be a rapper. That’s always been a dream of mine. Being on stage is such a dope feeling. And going on tour for millions of fans, just rippin’ shows every night would be crazy. Tiring, I’d imagine, but crazy.
Where do you see yourself in about five years?
In about 5 years, I see myself using the money I’ll be making as an RN to help with the clothing company that me and my homie are workin’ on, BOMBDIGGS. sick plug haha! But that is a serious answer. Music isn’t really a future plan, it’s just something that I do in my spare time as a hobby.

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
 I would never be satisfied with just one song, since music correlates with like, your mood and stuff. Like, I can’t listen to “Ni**as in Paris” just before I go to bed, lol. you know? But a song that I definitely can listen to a lot, is J. Cole’s “Back To The Topic”. It’s actually a long ass freestyle. But it’s ridiculous.
If you were in the middle of a shootout, what song would you want to go out to?
 These “choose one” questions are killer, man. For this, there’s 2 options. One, if you were watching a video of me in a shootout, and it was in slow motion, I’d have “Don’t Make” by 8Ball & MJG in the background. If it was real-time and I had to flip the iPod on real quick, it’d be “Triumph” by the Wu. Definitely has an eerie, “death-is-near” sound.



Check out Ariel P’s Youtube Channel www.youtube.com/anarkeemcpablog

As well as his clothing company www.bombdiggs.com (We Approve!)

“still a work in progress, but grinding nonetheless” – Ariel P