As food whores, we at Starved often share “how to make a…” videos during our lunch break. We thought this one was worth sharing with you guys as we are amazed by the fact that we don’t actually have to wait 10 hours for a table at the hottest sushi bar in town. Mind-blowing actually.

We found this searching the interweb, on the British Guardian’s life and style page, and they said newspaper is dead. Anyway, you can trust that this chef knows his shit becuase he is the executive chef at one of London’s hottest sushi manors, Umu. (

Though he uses authentic Japanese recipes, he explains how you can substitute the ingredients.

So study up kids, watch Chef Yoshinori Ishii, and impress your friends with your newly acquired culinary skills. You might even learn a few Japanese words.

Is anyone else thinking that this will be a great excuse to have a dinner party, no? no? C’mon, be classy. With Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc…

Starved x