“My primary inspiration comes always from my passion for music, then comes my cinephilia, and last but not the least, thewomen themselves, in other words, the girl that I love or that I’m looking for,” says 23 year-old videographer, Miguel Bidarra.

Miguel Bidarra(@MiguelBidarra)  from Porto, Portugal caught our eye with his intriguing music inspired videos. Bidarra repurpose video clips using excellent tunes and cinematography. He makes good great and bad, excellent.

I’m always trying to reach my own idea of perfection,”


After watching his videos, you’ll be drinking from the Bidarra cool aid.

We need more people like him to fix the current crappy state of music videos.

When did you begin creating videos?

I began mixing music and images some years ago, even before entering Cinema School. My first attempt to create a video was inspired by my girlfriend at the time. I actually ended up creating a trilogy with her photographs. Some years later I was already studying cinema and started developing my own technique of video editing for school works. About a year ago I started producing videos regularly and at this moment I have a portfolio with 40 videos.

Tyler, The Creator – Analog (Cidade de Deus) from Miguel Bidarra on Vimeo.


What inspires your videos?

My primary inspiration comes always from my passion for music, then comes my cinephilia, and last but not the least, the women themselves, in other words, the girl that I love or that I’m looking for.

Sepalcure – Love Pressure (The Tree of Life) from Miguel Bidarra on Vimeo.


Give us a little insight into your process…How does the magic happen?

My process is very simple. Most of the times, the concept is born from my daily research for new music and new producers or artists. The music I choose inspires me to imagine some kind of ambience and aesthetics. Once I’ve drawn this concept in my head I start thinking of movies that have the kind of ambience and aesthetics that I’ve imagined for that specific music. Usually I use footage from films but, here and there, I also use images from documentaries, experimental cinema and recently I’ve started to shoot my own recordings. In time, my goal is to switchover to make these videos exclusively with my own material shot by myself.

When I start putting a video together the music is the first thing being placed in the timeline of the editing software I use. Then, I start constructing the video by overlapping images and music using the wavelength of the track as the starting point. In this stage I start mounting the video always with the rhythm in mind. This process continues until I’ve formed a basic body of the video and some sort of narrative. Lastly, I try to improve every little detail, frame by frame, always trying to reach my own idea of perfection.

Jamie Grind – For You (Unofficial Video) from Miguel Bidarra on Vimeo.


As you can see, the man has talent for days. Show your support of skilled artist by checking out his videos and social networking sites: