Winter is slowly approaching and it’s becoming too cold to be sociable, don’t become a hermit, have a dinner party!

Have a little get together with a few friends, it’s about the same price as a night out when you do the math, plus we get to enjoy each other’s company and talk (you can’t say the same for a club)

We found an excellent article by GQ (Click Picture For GQ Article)

While GQ’s advice is spot on, as broke students, you might not be able to afford all that fancy cosmopolitan-New York-Bourgeouis, so here are our suggestions:

a) Use Candles and study lamps. Kill the bright lights, all you need is a glow. You can purchase as many tea candles as you want from the dollar store.

b) You don’t have an ice bucket? puck it, you don’t need one. Fill one of your medium sized pots with ice.

c) Create an awesome playlist. If you need ideas, check out our playlist (Best 90’s Playlist) or

d) Surround yourself with positive energy..good friends..good conversations. Replay that in your head when you make the guest list!

e) Check the Sunday paper for coupons on food and alcohol. You will be suprised on how cheap shit is! If you are a lousy cook, pre order pizza and serve with a salad.

f) Have a DIY desert buffet. Think brownie mix meets 4 dollar ice cream tub from Walmart.

g) Don’t be afraid to ask guest to bring something. While many won’t bother, others will and it will feel like a group effort. Teamwork!

h) Shots. Shots. Shots, even at the door! Loosen them up, that’s how “Remember that time that you” conversations begin.

I) Try to keep the guest list small, less than 25 people would be ideal.

j) Invest in flowers, but keep it cheap. You can find a bouquet for less than 6 dollars.

k) Do cocktails. Mix Ciroc Raspberry with orange juice. Cheap. Easy. Delicious.


Don’t panic, be happy. You are the host, it shows when you are tense!

Have a great party guys, don’t get too hammered.

Starved x