We were watching TV, saw a couple of music videos and we decided that they sucked.

What happened to all the amazing dancers? You know, does ones that actually danced (jiggling ass doesn’t count as an actual dance-form. Sorry dudes.)

Of course we’re not insensitive to the fact that the economy isn’t looking too spiffy right now, but if artists can afford Givenchy, Tesla automobiles, and Louboutins, they can afford to put some “real” dancers in their videos.

The following is a display of talent that those videos you see on music channels are lacking.

We chose a sultry song (for all you freaks and geeks), and we found ten quality choreographed dances. Ladies (and Men) don’t be scared to pick up some moves for your boo in the “you know what” (Beyonce voice effect).

Show Them Support and Let us know Who You Think Killed It the Most? (Comment below).














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