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We know your pockets have been hit by Hurricane Recession so you’re most likely looking for ways to pinch pennies and use what you have to refresh your wardrobe. Our DIY(Do It Yourself) Hero this month is 21-year-old Sarah Dabney (@SarahCorin). You may know her from her YouTube channel Veneea , but if you don’t we’re introducing you to her awesomeness. She shares methods with her viewers on how to turn thrift store finds into fashionable pieces. As Much as we wish we could bottle up some of her creativity and keep it for ourselves(Yes we’re stingy), we were able to ask her some questions and feature a couple of her great videos showing you how to Make Cloth Necklaces and Money Rings. Oh and her impeccable music taste doesn’t hurt either.

Where are you From?

Atlanta born & raised

What inspired you to make your Youtube Channel?

I was actually always on YouTube watching videos on pretty much anything & I began to realize I could do the same thing & share with people ideas and stuff. But I really just wanted to show people that style isn’t about how much money you have its about being able to turn nothing into something. You know what I mean?

What Element of Nature Inspires you(or your style) the Most?

Lol, I thought about this for awhile & I came up with “Cool like the WIND” lmao! I really hope I answered that right!

Say you’re in the middle of a bad drug deal and the gun is pointed towards you, What song would you want to go out to?

It was beautiful – Dom Kennedy


DIY: Cloth Necklace


DIY: Money Ring

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