If you are an avid tumblr user, you’ve probably run across this guy’s picture at least once in your tumblr lifetime. I mean the kid’s got swagger from his clothes to his accessories and it’s amazing what he can do with the camera and the Internet.

His eye for eclectic modern pieces with a classic twist makes his blog an instant bookmark. Funfere has decided to grace the public with a piece of his swag. His “Cup o’ Tea” can be yours at www.fusionkelvar.bigcartel.com



Think back to when you were a teenager, What is your first memorable purchase?

I believe it was a camouflage waistcoat










If you could choose one specifically, what song would you like to get dressed to?

DOM KENNEDY CDC (feat. Casey Veggies & Carter)


What is the one piece that you want to take to the grave?

My pyramid ring


So what’s up with your bike love/obsession, we dig it, explain?

I am in love with speed, and I like control and cars cant give me that legally but I will upgrade to a cafe racer motorcycle soon


What is the one item that you think everyone should own, both men and women?

bowtie is a must




Does the blazer ever take a break, ever?

Never, it the ultimate accessory if it fits right

So the myth is, A man that dresses that well, is too good to be straight; your existence makes this false, we have to be professionally giggly school girls for a minute, what do you think the most attractive quality in a woman is?

I like a woman who is reserved but responsive

Fedoras or Baseball caps?

Both, I don’t wear fedoras like I used to and now I am seen more with my fitted hat this year.


Where is your happy place and are we invited?

My happy place is in my living room (studio)with good music, one day when it is legitimate maybe I might let you in.

In 10 years, when get dressed (we expect it to be fashionable, it’s you) for work, where do you want to be heading?

I want to be riding down a long stretch of asphalt with my motorcycle up to the head quarters of a design studio.





Let’s paint a morbid picture, you have been attacked by a mob boss and shit’s about to get real, with an
AK-47. What song would you want to go out to?

Drake – Trust Issues







Make Sure To check out his personal blog funferekoroye.tumblr.com as well as fusionkelvar.tumblr.com

Don’t forget his online store  www.fusionkelvar.bigcartel.com which includes cool shit like this