We had to wait till the hype was over to view the after-math.

NY fashion and fashion’s night out are officially behind us and while most of you might be expecting trend reports, we are not going to do that (not yet). Instead, we think the attendees of fashion shows are sometimes more interesting than the show itself. The real action happens at the entrance and front role seats.

So for you, we have looked through pages upon pages of street style and show attendees to bring you our favorite outfits from NYFW and FNO

Scrutinize and viciously take notes.


Patterned dress, aviators, tousled curls and killer heels.

Simplicity is beautiful. We love her.


That cropped cape just makes everything so much better.


So the gospel of color blocking as been preached over and over and over again (blowing bangs) but we still appreciate the freshness of the outfit and it is just impossible to criticize anyone wearing such happy colors and pulling it off effortlessly.


Let’s plan a heist. Game plan: Steal the dress


Pattern play meets uber jewelry love and a really pretty turban. What’s not to love, unless you are jealous.


Normal skirt plus huge pockets = instant cool.


Doesn’t she look happy! This is probably one of the easiest looks to recreate using the pieces in your closet and that’s why we love it!


Before you start starring at the leggy lady with the amazing shoes, look at the photographer. Pop Quiz : Whose previous collection is the photographers shirt from?

Answer : Prada


We love the fact that she successfully pulled this look off, not everyone can. Give the woman her props


We need Ray Bans. This outfit is so hot and bright, it’s blinding. Brave and tres tres chic.


Hello mister, you are very stylish. Hell, you are an urban gentleman.


Someone still does the classics and does it well, might we add.


Forget the outfit for a minute, that shoe is porn.


Can anyone else picture wearing this outfit to an evening of drinks with the girls.


It’s all about the pattern play.


Clearly we are shoe whores.


You know what we love about this? This outfit could have been so chaotic but she makes it completely coherent with the blue hues.

You should really be taking notes.


Miss Solange we just love watching you get dressed, you surprise us each time.

We might sound like creepers but we would like you to think of us when you get dressed.