K-Von The Great

Contrary to popular opinion, sometimes we here at Starved Magazine like to get serious and talk about the issues.. What issues? Well one issue would be the vanishing act of the sense of community in our society. As we expose to readers the many talents of different individuals and various cool opportunities, we love to support the efforts of those that are trying to revive the diminishing idea of social conscience.

You can achieve whatever you want, don’t let your past dictate your future. – K-Von

At the tender age of seventeen, rapper K-Von The Great makes it a task to reach out to his younger counterparts and encourage them with songs such as “I Will Acheive”. Since the release of the “I Will Achieve” video, K-Von has visited summer camps, churches, etc. to speak about the video and tell children about his life. His effort to encourage children serves as an inspiration to many of us looking for ways to reach out to our communities. K-Von motivates students who THINK they cannot achieve with his story “Coming from two drug addict parents, and still being on track for success, my message to kids, not just kids, but anybody; you can achieve whatever you want, don’t let your past dictate your future.”

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