by Jabbo
Top List:

For the Hip Hopper:

Most of Jay-Z songs work for this particular situation. My suggestion “History.” or “Reminder” from the Blueprint 3.

Lil Wayne “We be Steady Mobbin” Play it just for “Fuck these niggas” part. Simple, but says so much.

Tupac– Any of them, may I suggest “Ghost” or “Ambitions of a Rider”

Kanye West “Power.” Turn up this song as loud as it can go, put on some of those stupid glasses Kanye made famous or some Ray Bans, and stand on the hood of you car. It’s the best way to go out.

B.O.B “Don’t Let Me Fall” If I never make it as a writer and I’m forced to rob a jewelry store, only to later be caught by the cops, this is my song.

Plies “From the Hood Though” Even if your not really from the hood, it is nice to make the police think you are.

Dorrough “Ice Cream Paint Job” Blast this as loud as possible. You are about to be killed by about 138 bullets. you might as well go out laughing to these horrible lyrics. “Do it shine good? Check. Do it ride good? Check. Cream on the inside, clean on the outside. Ice Cream, Ice cream, ice cream paint job. Yeah buddy.”

Lupe Fiasco “Daydreaming” One of those kind songs you listen to when your in love or about to have a bunch of holes shot in your body.

For the Hippy:

America “Horse with no Name” Light a fatty, and wait for the souls of Garcia, Morrison, Hendrix, and an angel wearing a Mamas and the Papas t-shirt to take you up to heaven.

Elton John “Tiny Dancer” You will of course be shot to death in slow motion to this song.

Bob Marley “Redemption Song” If you actually did some fucked up shit to get yourself in this situation, just sit in the car and listen to this song on low and hope for the best.

Simon and Garfunkel “Sounds of Silence” This song is very appropriate for this situation.

Coldplay “Clocks” Just a lot of bad drugs, or effective drugs, if you find yourself in this conundrum.

Eric Clapton “Tears in Heaven” With this song you come to your senses and surrender, only to have a rookie cop shoot the shit out of you when you pull out a picture of your sister dying of leukymia.

Steve Miller Band “Joker” Smoke or snort, however it is done, a lot of hallucoginic drugs. You could have a fictional shootout with the cops. That way it’s much safer, sort of. You may die from an overdose. Don’t do drugs, go out the honorable way.


For the Geek:

Gary Wright “Dreamweaver” This song was written for people of your type, just for this occasion, or it might be a love song. Either way, this song is kind of creepy.


For the Redneck:

Tom Petty & and the Heartbreakers “Free Fallin” Please, for me, let your last words be “fuck you hippies”

The Band Perry “If I Die Young” This is the best written song of this decade, would be an honor to go out to this song.


For the Religious:

Donald Lawerence “Encourage Yourself” How in the world a religious person has gotten into this situation is their business, however I have good news, YOU GET TO GO HOME! Bad news, it’s going to be a little painful before you get there.

Marvin Sapp “Never Would of Made it” Well technically, you didn’t make it, you’re about to be shot to death. (read the Encourage Yourself self for extra motivation).