We know you get mad hungry in the a.m. due to the following reasons: You exhausted your energy after an all night shaggiest, you sly dog you. You missed dinner. That reason we are not allowed to legally discuss. You are just piss- poor drunk drunk OR you are just hungry (It alright, it happens).

We  are going to cure you of your hunger, yea we are cool like that. Here are a few places that are open after 2 a.m.

You are welcome.

Munchies 4:20: Cause yo mama don’t cook past midnight. 

Disney World. Busch Gardens. Sea World. These are some of most Florida’s well known attractions but if you are ever in the area and desperately in need of casual nocturnal dining, CHECK IT OUT. The menu is the shit! With foot long hotdogs and half pound burgers, it’s no Surprise Travel channel’s Man Vs Food Nation, paid them a visit. 

Everything about this restaurant is cool, including the hours, it is open from 4:20pm to 4:20am

Here is an example of one of their sandwiches:

Fat Sandy: Two Cheeseburgers, Mac and Cheese, Chicken Fingers, Onion hoops, Spuds and Mozzarella stix

and that is a 9 dollar meal.