top ten blck web

Remember when we actually used to watch good TV, remember Girlfriends?

How many people still watch T.V. nowadays and actually enjoy it? Yeeeeaaaahh, not many.

Thank God for YouTube!!! At least we can find some entertainment that is not about pop stars that lead double lives, because who the hell does that anyway?

We just wanted to appreciate people who work hard to entertain with little or no compensation, which means the integrity in their work is barely compromised. We compiled a list of the Top Ten Black Web Series(because we love black people) and added the first webisode of each series for you to watch.


This is basically an Urban high school story that takes you back to your glory days. It deals with relationships, domestic violence, and all that good stuff. Warning: You just might be upset that the producers haven’t added new videos in a while.


If you have a thing for British accents, don’t waste any time in pressing play. This drama-filled story is set in the UK and focuses on four friends and no this is not a re-enactment of Girlfriends. The plot is pretty interesting and there’s eye candy for everyone. Oh yeah, make sure you have time on your hands because the webisodes can be a tad bit long.

8.The Girl With the Tattoo

First off, the soundtrack for this series is AMAZING!! The music artists range from Miguel to Frank Ocean to The Weeknd (By the way Check out our college playlist, You’ll love it if you love this soundtrack). This series is definitely drama-filled and is touched with soul from the music to the poetry. Oh, and the main character is a college drop-out turned stripper. If that doesn’t make you want to watch it, who knows what will.

7.Touye Pwen

Touye Pwen is a Hatian title that means Kill Point or point of death. One of the guys just gets out of prison and that’s where the action begins. It will definitely make you think of movies like New Jack City and Four Brothers. The acting is pretty cool too.Rated R.

6.Grind To Prestige

Okay, we know you’re probably tired of reality TV shows but this one won’t make you feel like you’re losing brain cells. It’s a behind the scenes look into the planning of Howard University’s 2011 Homecoming including all the drama and excitement that goes into it. Think homecoming committee gone loco!

5.Make Love Not War

One word. Sexy.

4.Truth Unspoken

This series has a great story line, good looking people, and drama. Some of the people in here are triflinnnn! You might laugh or you might cry, but hey that’s what you’re suppose to do when you watch a good production.

3.Benny-Demus “Eeazy”

Did you know that Akon’s DJ is an actor? Random shit right? But yes he does act and he’s actually pretty good. This series is action-filled and touches on the topics of interracial couples and unforgiving badasses.

2.Awkward Black Girl

This web show is hilarious. It documents a woman going through a number of awkward situations that we have all experienced. From times when you and a co-worker are walking towards each other in a long hallway and you’re not sure when to say “hey” because you want to avoid that awkward silence. To the time when you ignore someone’s call and they’re standing right behind you (Creeper? Ooooh yeah).

Think Bridget Jones, if Bridget wrote rap lyrics like “Niggas love me, I’m on my Kim K.”

1.Meet The Adebanjo’s

Meet The Adebanjo’s is a comedy about a Nigerian family that lives in the UK. The characters are dynamic and everything about the series is real. You have the Cheap Dad, the Protective Mom, the Single Aunt that’s looking for a husband, the fast behind Teenage Daughter, and the Trouble-Making Son. It’s a family-oriented show, so feel free to share it with anybody.