By Joseph Perry


Welcome to the seas of Disturbia

Issue of races and pigmentation swim

And America can falsely predict the future

Of a man depending on the color of his skin.


The waves of racial segregation crash

Against the shore of Martin Luther King’s dreams

And leads to a tsunami of civil rights flairs

Then we’re all in boiling water, 212 degrees

It’s odd because America is an ocean

Filled with colorful corals and fish

And out of the millions and millions of species

Only a fillet of black and white fish are served on a separate dish


Gangs and gangs of birds fly

And painfully peck each other dreadfully

The Blue Jay hates the Cardinal and vice-versa

Because one is blue and one is red

And one “Crips,” so he claims

And says that red “Blood” symbolizes the dead

The other disagrees whole heartedly

And screeches back with such asinine

And little do these birdies know

While they’re “Cripping” and “Blooding,” they’re being left behind


Welcome to the planet of Disturbia

Where the grass has turned to black ash

Because we look at the mothers on the ground

And then turn our heads to walk away fast

Welcome to the planet of Disturbia

Where the seas have darkened because of a racial substance

Salt and Pepper can’t even season together anymore

Because to the targeted meat it only brings a nuisance


Welcome to the planet of Disturbia

Where the skies are polluted because of the birds, red and blue

Two primary colors fighting over supremacy

Do they realize that these colors will remain, even when their lives are through?

It really is as bad as it looks

It really is as bad as it sounds

That we live on this planet Disturbia

And we walk on these unstable grounds