Some Advice from My West African Great Grandmother:

 Eight Products You Can Exchange for a Tub of Shea Butter

You ever seen my big fat greek wedding? If you have, the patriarch in the movie has a famous catch phrase/cure for everything.

“Put some Windex on it.”

Growing up, my African great grandmother was the same way,

“Put some shea butter on it.”

I think she was convinced it would cure world hunger, AIDS and create world peace. She might have been right, or not. She was 80, what do you expect.

While that whole world peace thing might be a little far fetched, here are 10 products that you can toss, if you invest in a tub of Shea Butter.

It’s natural, it’s cheaper, I use it and that shit really works.

Mami was on to something, just not world peace.

1.  Acne Fighter: Some people have shiny forehead syndrome, I am one of them.Yes this sound absolutely crazy but I tried everything to fight breakouts and they all worked temporarily. Proactive, Clean and Clear. Neutrogena, even Clinique.

2. Moisturizer:  You literally glow, but that might be because you slabbed too much of it on. Just a finger swipe day and night, and you will think a lighting camera crew is following you.

3. Pre – Post shave: I really don’t care where you are shaving; it works. It is a deep moisturizer, no nicks and cuts, so you don’t have to pretend that tears (allergies) don’t roll down your eyes during waxes.

4. Medicated Lip Balm:  So unnecessary when you have Shea, just put it on and follow up with your regular lip wear. If you prefer it bare, Mazzul. It gives your lips a moisturized natural shine. If you have chronic winter lips, I suggest you put it on before bed.
5. Hair Serum:  Dry hair. Mix with coconut oil and rose water. It helps your hair grow and don’t freak out, rose water and coconut oil are inexpensive, they are sold at your local grocery store for less than 10 dollars.

6. Kill the ash: Enough said

7. SPF: Studies show that most purified forms of Shea protect your skin from sun rays. My mother says it keeps you looking young. Minimize wrinkles. It also helps with sun burns, for people who get sunburns.

8. Aching Muscles: My grandmother’s regimen, use to massage. My little brother, the soccer player wakes up at mid-night with leg muscle cramps, it helps.


There you have it, if you can’t take advice from an old African woman, whose people have been doing this for, oh I don’t know, a thousand years….who can you take it from?

To Purchase Shea butter, just Google it. Go to your local farmer’s market, or invade my grandmother’s cabinet.